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An Orthodontist in Israel is a dentist in possession of a valid working license, who completed a specialization program in Israel or overseas at an institution recognized by the Scientific Council of the Israel Dental Association and passed the specialization examinations of the Ministry of Health.
Each specialist holds a certificate verifying his being a specialist and bearing his specialist's license number. In spite of the fact that any dentist, who is not a specialist, is permitted to perform orthodontic treatments, he is not permitted (by law) to call himself an orthodontist, or a doctor who straightens teeth, or any similar name may mislead the public.
The list of orthodontists in Israel appears in the website, in the category IOS Members – Specialists in Orthodontics. Please note: according to the new bylaws, dentists who have not complete the full educational requirements in Orthodontics at an institution recognized by the Scientific Council are not accepted by the IOS as members. A dentist who has not completed the full specialization program and who has not been granted a specialist license by the Ministry of Health, is listed in the website, according to law, only as a dentist.

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